Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time and stress

Sometimes, I think about time, and how strange it is. When we have a lot to do, it goes by too fast. When we can't think of anything to do, it goes by slow. And it always seems that there can't be a happy medium. It's so hard to find a balance in the world of time.

The times we have to rush help us to enjoy the moments we find peace. You can't fully enjoy something unless you know what it's like to not have it.

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This takes me to my next idea: stress. We get so stressed out when we don't have enough time to accomplish something. But some people also get stressed when they can't find enough to do. I wonder why this is?

It makes me contemplate the meaning of life, and what it's all about. I was watching a National Geographic video the other day; it talked about how important interpersonal relationships are. We tend to be less stressed if we have a meaningful relationship with someone, in which we can pour out or feelings.

For me, I find that prayer is one way to do this. If I didn't have anyone else, I would pray, and I believe this helps me to relieve stress. I do have many other people I can talk with, however. I am very blessed. Mark is an awesome listener.

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  1. I am glad Mark is a good listener. :) I love your blog honey. Very nice background too!

    Love your Mom